Want to handle the bookkeeping in-house?

I offer Quickbooks® training.  I can teach the foundations, like how to set up a company and customize preferences, as well as show you how to accomplish more complex tasks, and how to identify and correct possible issues.

Want to understand your financial statements?

I will train you on how to utilize your financial statements to understand your business.

Most small business owners don’t know how to read their financial statements.  For many, the short summary they receive from their CPA at tax time really doesn’t give them all the knowledge they need for understanding and planning for their business throughout the year.  I will give you a solid understanding of your financial statements so you know how to take action. Knowing what the numbers represent and what they are telling you, allows you, as a business owner, to succeed on purpose.  The definition of business success means achieving profit growth so you generate sufficient cash to stay in business.

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